Best Of The Best Fall Spa Treatments In New York

New York is finally beginning to feel like fall—we’re looking for cooler weather and Pumpkin Spice lattes—and along with changing weather, beauty routines are getting a seasonal upgrade too. Here’s look at our favorite spa treatments for fall.

Warm Algae Detox Wrap with Aromatherapy Massage

This warm treatment acts as a superfood for your skin. The nutrient-rich algae wrap takes detoxifying to the next level and restores equilibrium with green algae rich in minerals, proteins and omegas. Finish treatment with 60 minutes relaxing Aromatherapy Massage. $169 for 90 min.

Pumpkin Body Scrub

A new body scrub flavor for fall- Pumpkin! Don’t eat it just enjoy the cleansing feel of the pumpkin blended body scrub that exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from your body. 30 min session. $60 (Value $70) 60 min $115 (Value $130)

Swedish Autumn Aroma Massage

Get yourself in the autumnal mood with our 60 or 90 min. Swedish Autumn Aroma Massage. Custom blended essential oils mixed with massage lotion create the perfect relaxing environment to let yourself decompress and enjoy season as well as your treatment. 60min $105 or 90 min $150

Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliage Facial

Pumpkins are not just great in pies. Used in skin care pumpkin provide an excellent source of fruit enzymes, antioxidants and AHA’s. Pumpkin Enzyme peel increases cellular turnover while naturally exfoliating the skin to remove dead-scaly cells reducing pigmentation and fine lines. $115(Value $145)

Pumpkin Spice Pedicure

While you sip on pumpkin latte, we’ll treat you to a Pumpkin Pedicure. The Pumpkin Spice Pedicure utilizes Pumpkin Spice Scrub designed to gently remove dead skin cells and callouses. The Moisture Mask softens the top layers of skin. We massage your feet with Rich Butter Cream for softer silkier, smoother skin. Ahhhh…$55(Value $65)

Fall Minus Sinus Facial

Nothing’s worse than a stuffy nose, breathe through your mouth, red rims under your nostrils from chronic blowing, dousing yourself with Vicks at bedtime, the dreaded drip…drip…drip. Head over to Allure Day Spa for a Minus Sinus Facial. With the oh-so soothing scents of peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus, Allure’s Aestheticians will have you breathing freely in no time. 75 min. $125